TV, Radio and Movies

This is a partial list of TV shows, radio programs and Movies that include the Lost Ship of the Desert, if possible I will include links to the actual programs.

 1941 Death valley Days
(NBC Radio Broadcast)
aired Jan 24 1941 #533 “The lost pearl ship”

1959 Bat Masterson Starring Gene Barry original Air Date July 15 1959
(NBC Television Program)
Richard O’ Conner & Wells root writers “The desert Ship”
#reruns have been seen as recent as Feb. 2007 on dish network

1992 “Ghost ship” Starring Jay Robinson
James t. Flocker Director
Trailer can be seen online ****
#teens find adventure in the desert Not to be confused with the
2003 Warner Brothers movie with the same name.

1993 “Traveler” (a tile mural located at subway entrance to Union Station Los
Angeles Ca.) Artist Terry Schoonhoven the far left corner of the mural
shows a galleon in a desert.

2003 Warner Brothers Ghost Ship

2004 “Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator” 2004
(animated computer game adventure)
Francisco Gonzalez “case 2 – The Lost Galleon of the Salton Sea
free downloadable game ****

The following programs are the ones that I personally worked on.

2015 Myth Hunters Lost Ship of the Mojave

Experts discuss the circumstances under which a treasure-laden ship may have gotten stuck in the Mojave Desert. LINK

2017 Legend Hunter Lost Desert Ship

Pat Spain is on a quest in the Southern California desert to find out if the legend of a lost Spanish galleon. LINK $

2017 Midnight in the Desert, the old Art Bell show (Radio Program)   LINK

The old Art Bell Show, but I had a cold and a “stuffy nose”

2017 Mysteries of the Missing  Ghost Ship of the Desert LINK

Could recently discovered evidence prove the existence of a ghost ship in the Californian desert?

2019 America Unearthed “Vikings in the Desert” with Scott Wolter   LINK

Searching and digging for the Lost Viking Ship