Newspapers and Magazines

This is a partial list of newspaper accounts of the Lost Ship of the Desert, when I can I will post the actual article.
1870 Los Angeles News Aug. 1870 (Ca. Newspaper)
“Interesting Discovery”
1953 “the Calico Press” NOV
#Indians report a ship emerging from a drying akaline marsh

1870 Sacramento Union Oct. 6 1870 (ca. Newspaper)
“dateline Los Angeles?”
1977 Lost treasure magazine July
#article about men from San Bernadino seeking the ship”

1870 Sacramento union Oct. 13 1870 (ca. newspaper)

“Dateline Los Angeles?”
1977 Lost treasure magazine July
#Article about ship hunters returning without discovery










1870 Sacramento Union Nov. 16 1870 (ca. Newspaper)

“Dateline Los Angeles?”
1977 July Lost treasure Magazine
#Article about new search for fossil boat”
1870 Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences Nov. 21 1870
(Ca. Journal) notes of regular monthly meeting **Google**
#Albert S. Evans tells about the two different times he saw the ship
not a mirage nor Martin Vise’s oxen hauled schooner

1870 New York Times, Dec 13 1870 (NY. Newspaper)
“Finding of the Desert Ship — a Description of Her Apperance. **Google**
# from Joro Station on the Colorado desert Hank Brown Stage Driver
gives interview to reporter about Clusker finding the ship

1870 New York Times , Dec. 26 1870 (NY. Newspaper)
“The Discovery of that Desert ship” **Google**
#open letter to the editor of the Virginia Enterprize (a Nevada newspaper)
Joshua Talbot died in 1865 and it must be his ghost going in search of a lost ship

1870 San Bernadino Guardian, Dec. 31, 1870 (Ca. Newspaper)
“the Search for the Lost ship”
1953 “the Calico Press” Nov
#Joshua Talbot leaves the Clusker party not having found anything

1871 San Bernadino Guardian, Jan 14, 1871 (Ca. Newspaper)
“Return of the Ship Prospectors”
1953 “The Calico Press” Nov
#the Clusker Party Return not having found the ship

1871 Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences July 3rd







1872 Sacramento Union Sept. 30, 1872 (ca. newspaper)
“dateline Los Angeles?”
1947 “gold guns & ghost towns” by Chalfant
#The “Arizona” desert ship proves to be a ferryboat
1873 the Inyo Independent Sept.27 1873 (Ca. newspaper)
“? lost ship? ”
1977 lost treasures magazine July
#James expedition found mast of ship”

The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.), 15 Oct. 1878.


1919 Los Angels Examiner June 15 1919 (Ca. Newspaper)
J. A. Guthrie “Mystery of the Desert”
1953 “The Calico Print” Nov
#tells Cahuilla Indian Chief Cabazon’s version

1939 Desert magazine Jan. 1939
(Palm Desert, Ca. Magazine)
edited by Randall Henderson “Lost Ships: Fact or Fiction”
+ Charles C. Niehaus “Lost Ship of the Desert”

1948 Arizona Desert Highways Magazine Apr. 1948
(Phoenix Arizona Magazine”)
#article titled “The Desert Ship”

1949 Los Angeles times Aug.
(Los Angeles California newspaper)
2003 Los Angeles times June 8
#Three UCLA Students search for a Viking explorer blown off course
1950 Desert Rat Scrap book Packet #3 Pouch # 3 1950
edited by Harry Oliver “The Spanish Galleon At The Bottom Of The Salton Sea”

1951 The Indio Date Palm Oct. 4 1951
(Indio Ca., newspaper)
“A ghost of the vikings”
Paul Wilheilm “Paul Wilheim’s Desert Column”
1953 “the calico print” NOV

1953 San Bernadino Sun-Telegram Feb. 15 1953 (Ca. newspaper)
L. Burr Belden “The Lost Spanish Galleon”
1953 “the Calico Print” NOV

1953 The Calico Print Nov. 1953
(Twenty Nine Palms, California magazine)
Edited by Harold & Lucille Weight “Lost Ship in The Desert”
+ Ed Stevens “the Serpent-Necked Canoa”
+ Adelaide Arnold “Butcherknife Ike and the Lost Ship”
+ reprints other several well known lost ship accounts

1953 “Casey Ruggles” 05-23-53 to 1-2-54
(Syndicated daily newspaper cartoon strip)
Warren Tufts “The Pearl Galleon Episodes”

1961 desert Rat Scrap book packet #1 of pouch #11
Edited By Harry Oliver
The Spanish Galleon Of Salton Sea by Antonio de Fierro Blanco

1967 Desert magazine march 1966
(palm Desert ca. magazine)
D, Galbraith “Lost Ships of the desert”
+Bill Boyd “Lost Ships of the desert”

1969 True Treasure (Date of issue # unknown)
Ray Weiss “Letter to the editor”
#Ray wrote about a sighting by plane and plans to go look on foot

1973 Treasure Search Vo1 # 1 1973 Pg 52
(Canoga Park, ca. magazine)
Jeff Ferguson “Pearl Galleon of the California Desert”

1974 Desert magazine April 1974
(Palm Desert ca. magazine)
Harvey Grey “Phantom Ship of the Gran Desierto”

1977 Desert magazine March 1977
(palm desert ca. magazine)
Harold O. Weight “Charley Clusker and the lost ship”
#1870’s clusker found a good way to acquire a grubstake

1977 Lost Treasure Magazine July 1977 pg 58
(Grove OK. magazine)
Al Masters “Amazing treasure ship of the California desert”

1979 Lost Treasure magazine June 1979 pg 37
(Grove ok. magazine)
Benito Villa “Treasure ship in the Desert”

1983 Treasure magazine December 1983
Jack Peterson “Was the lost ship of the desert found?”
#story in 1973 Paranoid hermit Lawrence Justice found ship with
WWII military Air photos of imperial valley. would not reveal location until getting government search permits in order. justice died before finishing paperwork in late 70’s

1980 Desert Magazine Nov. 1980
(Palm desert, Ca. magazine)
Choral Pepper “Ships that Pass in the Desert Sands”

1989 Press Enterprise July 30 1989
(Riverside county Ca. newspaper)
Tom Patterson “Tales Persist of Viking and Chinese Ships found in the desert”

1990 Lost treasure magazine Aug. 1990 pg 30
(Grove ok. magazine)
Michael Paul Henson “California golden state glitters with gold-spanish ship”

1991 Treasure Magazine Apr. 1991 pg 44
B.G. Revis “Treasure ships of the California desert”

1999 Great God Pan The Champion of California magazine #13 1999
(San Francisco ca. magazine)
Eric R. Blum “The mysterious lost ship of the desert”
#read 2006 online letter to the Author from Kenneth Accord
Accord remembers reading a cowboy magazine in the 1960s
that talked about a passenger in a car driving past the salton sea
in 1946 & seeing the ships masts sticking out of a hill.
driving back a few days later to search the ship had vanished

2000 Lost Treasure’s Surf & Turf June 2000
(Lost treasure magazine’s online newsletter)
Ken Weinman “Treasure Galleons of the Mohave desert
#link has been discontinued article was just a rehash of previous stories

2001 Desert Usa Online April 2001
(online Magazine, borrego springs ca.)
Tim McCrerey “The last voyage of the content”

2002 Lost Treasure magazine Nov 2002 pg 18
(Grove ok. magazine)
Ettore & Diana Nannetti “Pearls in the Desert: A galleon Hidden in sand”

2003 Desert usa Online May 2003
(online magazine, borrego springs ca.)
Bob Difley “the lost ship of the Mohave”

2003 Los Angeles Times June 8 2003
(los Anglese Ca. newspaper B4)
Cecilia Rasmussen “Were there Spanish Pearls Before Brine in Salton Sea?”
#has a nice list of airplanes lost in the salton sea.