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Lost Ship of the Desert (DVJ Radio Program)


Awhile back, I had the pleasure of being the co-host of the Death Valley Jim Radio Program which aired on KPTR 1450 in Palm Springs. During this time, Jim and I had a show on the Lost Ship and here it is, in it’s entirety for your listening pleasure…

Myths and folklore make up a large part of the mystery that surround the desert southwest. One of the most controversial and followed stories, is that of a lost ship that once sailed up the Sea of Cortez – only to get stuck and abandoned by its crew, due to the lowering of the water levels.  Over the years, a handful of people have claimed to have seen a lost ship in the California Desert, but nobody has ever been able to provide solid proof of its existence.

On this week’s program, we explore the stories that surround, “The Lost Ship of the Desert”.



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