Books, Journals and Blogs

This is a partial list of books, journals and online material that are about the Lost Ship of the Desert, when I can I will include links to the actual material.

1870 The Galaxy V.10 no.1 Jan. 1870 (New York Newspaper)
“in the Valley of the shadow” Albert S. Evans
Reprinted 1873 in Evan’s book
“A La California, Sketches of Life in the golden state.”
#autumn of 1863 Evan’s horse died leaving him to walk out from
Colorado desert’s Dos Palmas westward toward Palma Seca

It was two A.M. when I wearily climbed the summit of the divide between Dos Palmas and the Palma Seca, and looked down into the great plain below. When the last man looks down on the wreck of the universe, and sees our world going back into chaos, without form and void, he will not behold a scene of more utter and savage desolation, or find himself wrapped in a silence more truly terrible. The full, round moon flooded the whole landscape with mellow light, but naught of life was to be seen; the ghastly pallor of death was upon and over everything. Southward to the horizon stretched a great plain of snowy salt–the grim and silent ghost of a dead sea of the past, which once covered all this accursed land, but being cut off by volcanic changes in the country below from the Gulf of California, dried up beneath the blazing sun of the south, and passed away forever. Across this vast white plain, as across the waters of a placid lake, the moon threw a track of shimmering light so bright as to almost dazzle the eyes of the beholder. Right in this glowing pathway of light, far out in the centre of this ghostly sea, where foot of man hath never trod; lay what appeared in the dim distance the wreck of a gallant ship, which may have gone down there centuries ago, when the bold Spanish Conquistadores, bearing the cross in one hand and the sword in the other, and serving God and Mammon, and the Most Catholic King of Spain and the Indias, with exemplary zeal, were pushing their way to the northwest, in search of souls to save for the love of Christ, and new kingdoms to plunder on shares.

1870 Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences Nov. 21 1870
(Ca. Journal) notes of regular monthly meeting **Google**
Albert S. Evans tells about the two different times he saw the ship
not a mirage nor Martin Vise’s oxen hauled schooner

1871 San Bernadino Guardian, Jan 14, 1871 (Ca. Newspaper)
“Return of the Ship Prospectors”

1871 Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences July 3 1871
(Ca. Journal) notes of regular monthly meeting **Google**
The Academy decides that from the correspondence the ship is an optical illusion.

1871 Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society Oct. 21 1871
(Worcester, Mass. Journal) notes of annual meeting , from Google.

1873 “A La California. Sketches of life in the golden state
(book chapter IX pg 201) By Albert S. Evans 1873
** **
The same as Evans 1870 Shadow of Death newspaper account, this book
was published after his death at sea.

1874 “The Ship in the Desert”
(book of verse /Poem) by Joaquin Miller
published by Roberts Brothers Boston & by Chapman & hall London
The British edition is almost but not quite the same as the American edition
both editions were found via booksearching **Google**
Men battle over Indian maiden -everyone dies at the ship in the desert

1875 “the Ship in the desert”
(poem) by W. T. grant & pap walker written in 1875 Olancha calif.
published in Desert Padre (book) by Joan Brooks 1997
The desert ship as a sort of flying dutchman in death valley

1881 “Reminiscences of a ranger, or Early times in Southern California”
(Book pg 423) By Major Horace Bell 1881 Google
Story about Joshua Talbot finding mule hauled boat built by Perry & Woodworth of Los Angeles.
1889 American Notes and Queries Sept. 14, 1889
(Philadelphia, PA. magazine)
Edited by William S. Walsh “the ship in the desert” Google
Story about finding frame of small two sweeper ferry boat that was
hauled by half a score or more of bull-teams which mostly perished

1892 Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 1892
(Great Britain Journal)
Jacques W. Redway Author “New Lake in The Colorado Desert” Google
Blamed the legend on Joaquin Miller & refereed to Maj. Horace Bell

1895 “The Ship in the Desert”
(book) By John Blondelle Burton 1895
#Historical adventure fiction based on newspaper story.
1909 National Geographic Magazine Aug. 1909
W.C. Mendenhall Author “The Colorado Desert”
#tells & debunks story of a widely published & graphic 1891 account
1916 “History of Arizona Book IV”
(book pg 31) Tomas E. Farish
Chapter-“Charles B. Genung- His Story of how he became a Hassayamper”
#mentions indians & the ship … Hassayamper is synonym for Arizonian Liar. Google

1933 “Journey of the Flame”
(book) by Walter Nordhoff under pen name Antonio De Fierro Blanco
{{1961 desert rat scrapbook packet 1 pouch 11
#one of the most quoted sources for the Pearl ship stories

1940 “Golden Mirages”
(book pg 139) by Phillip Bailey 1940
chapter-“lost ship of the Desert”

1941 The Colorado Conquest
(Book) by David O. Woodbury
{{1950 Desert Rat Scrap book #3 Pouch #3

1942 Marvel Mystery Comics No. 29 Mar. 1942
(comic book) Mickey Spillane “The ship in the desert”
# this was short written story used as filler between comics& locates galleon near Wilcox Arizona

1947 “Gold, Guns & Ghost towns”
(book) by Walter Chalfant
#has story of the lost pearl ship of Juan de Iturbe

1950 Action Comics #146 July 1950
(comic book) Joe Smachson “Vigilante, The Galleon in the Desert”
#musical villain using fake desert galleon like a Trojan horse
caught by musical hero.

1950 Western Folklore, vol. 9 no. 3. 1950
(Long beach Ca. Journal of Western States Folklore Society)
“New Tales of American Phantom Ships” **JSTOR**
*note story is of Elizabethan boat flying over Colorado Desert near Indio.

1951 Del Comics Gene Autry Comics Vol 1. No. 52 June 1951
(Comic Book) “Gene Autry and the Ship in the Desert”

1951 Pioneer Cabin News {Nov. 1951 to Apr. 1952}
(San Bernadino Calif. Journal)
the San Bernadino Society of California Pioneers
O. J. Fisk “Story of the Pearl Ship in the Desert”
{{1953 “the Calico Print” NOV

1951 Legendary and geological History of Lost Desert Gold
(Book pg 66) Ralph l. Caine

1953 The Calico Print Nov. 1953
(Twenty Nine Palms, California magazine)
Edited by Harold & Lucille Weight “Lost Ship in The Desert”
+ Ed Stevens “the Serpent-Necked Canoa”
+ Adelaide Arnold “Butcherknife Ike and the Lost Ship”
+ reprints other several well known lost ship accounts

1954 Uncle Scrooge adventure Sept. 1954
(Walt Disney Comic Book)
Carl Barks “Seven Cities of Cibola”

1957 “lost treasures the search for hidden gold”
(book, pg 48) by Robert G. Ferguson

1962 “More Western Treasures”
(book ) Jesse Rascoe editor
“The lost ship of the desert”

1962 “the Beckoning Desert”
(book) by Ed. M. Ainsworth
#tells of the 1949 search for Joseph Ive’s Lost Steamship

1963 “Lost Desert Bonanzas”
(book pg 12) by Eugene L. Conrotto
#written to mark 25 years of Desert Magazines lost mine stories

1966 “Buried treasures and lost mines of Southern California”
(book pg 90) By Jack Black
“A handful of Mysteries”

1967 “The Mysterious West”
(book) by Choral Pepper & Brad Williams

1967 “California a guide to the Golden state”
(book pg 461) by the Federal writers project of the works progress administration of northern California
#brief mention of 1890 old timer at Kane springs claiming to have seen
the ancient ship nearby

1968 “Dead men do tell tales”
(book pg 71) By Lake Erie Schaefer
“Desert pearls”

1970 Saga’s Treasure Special Exclusive guide to America’s Fabulous Bonanzas
Vol.1 #1 1970 (book)
chapter by Al Masters “California’s Fabulous Dune-Locked Pearl Galleon”

1992 “Columbus was last”
(Book pg 162) by Patrick Huyghe
#tells of Vikings? exploring the head of California’s gulf.

(Coachella Valley Ca. Museum Annual Publication)
Pat Laflin “Lost ships in the desert”

1995 Buried Treasures of California
(book) by W. C. Jameson
#1892 prospectors found mast of ship but no ship

1996 Scrooge Adventures in Color #7 Aug. 6. 1996
(Disney comic book pg 31)
Geoffrey Blum “Wind From a Dead Galleon”
#text filler has the story of what inspired Carl Barks 1954 comic book

1997 little known tales in California History
(Book pg 30) by Alton Pryor

1998 Classic Tales in California History
(book pg 67) by Alton Pryor

1998 “Mysterious California”
(book) by Mike Marinacci
#has chapter on the lost ship & a chapter on the Viking ship

1999 Desert Lore of Southern California
(book) by Choral Pepper
#contains several ship legends including the Elmer Carver account

1999 Book Again Sept. 1999
(online newsletter. folklore section)
Joe Nolte “The Phantom Ship of the Salton Sea”
#mention of sighting by three German prospectors in 1878
and a sighting in Feb. of 1882

2000 Strange sea tales along the California Coast
(book) by Claudine Burnett
#published for historical society of long beach has a story
on Viking ships in the desert.

2005 The Lost ship in the Desert The true story
(Booklet) by William Pfost
sold only by the Coachella Valley Museum in Indio Ca.
#was updated and rewritten with several changes & corrections in 2007
after the 2005 publication Bill met a former (never to be named) rancher
from Indio who claims to have gone to the lost ship in imperial Valley with
other Imperial & Coachella valley residents about 40 yrs ago.

2006 Weird California
(book pg 61) by Joe Osterle

2006 From the Desert to the sea… Saturday Jan. 21st 2006
(Online Blog/syndicated newsletter)
John Stoddard “Story for a Desert campfire”

2006 Exploritoria Sept. 2 2006
(online blog)
Exploritoria of a Viking ship in the desert

2005 Desert magazine June 2005
(Palm Desert Sun Newspaper Publication Ca.)
Ann Japenga “the Glamorous galleon”

2005 Sacramento Valley Detecting Buffs Aug.5 2005
(online newsletter pdf. format)
“the legend of the Mohave Desert’s Lost ship”