DSC_0003John is a traveler, explorer, research technician, desert photographer, and part-time truth seeker.  To him, the treasure has always been in the story and not in necessarily in gold or silver. He is considered the leading authority on the Lost Ship of the Desert, Black Gold of Pegleg Smith, and is a PROUD member of the Billy Holcomb chapter of E Clampus Vitus. He has been featured on an episode from the American Heroes Channel, entitled Lost Ship of the Mojave, he was also the co-host of the Death Valley Jim Radio program which aired on KPTR1450AM out of Palm Springs California. He recently finished filming a couple of upcoming episodes for History Channel and another channel that can not be named at this point. John was also featured in an article from Newsweek magazine, and is currently working on the most complete book about the Lost Ships of the Desert which will be due out in 2017. He is also available as a guest speaker, research companion, fireside chats, or anything else that he deems fun…

He can be reached at Lostshipsofthedesert@yahoo.com


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